Tax Preparation, Planning, and Structuring


Tax Strategy and Planning

Business owners have always had more tax planning opportunities; they now have even more opportunity for planning with GOP tax reform (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - effective NOW) .  We know that you will do the right thing with your money so we are happy to help you keep more of it by using tax strategies that pay for themselves and make sure you pay less now and get more later.

Tax Preparation

We believe that most important part of tax return preparation is being well prepared for it. Snap pictures of your tax docs and upload them and we prep most of your return before your appointment.  We do that so we can include a measure of tax planning with your tax return. Business or personal, if you have a complicated tax return we can handle it. We have the tools to help you estimate tax payments and help you decide on the best tax strategies for your growing sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, Corporation, or family!

Estimated Payments

Business starting to make money?  You might need to pay estimated taxes; If you are getting bookkeeping and tax services from us you can use your time with a prepared accountant to get a feel for how much of your profits you get to keep and how much you should pay to avoid penalty.  Seeing the tax bill is also a great motivation for how to lower the tax bill and we have the tools and the experience to do that too.

Retirement Plan Consultations

We know which ones are simple and powerful and work well for what stage of business you are in.  We consider your personal financial situation as a business owner and offer thoughts and recommendations to maximize.  HSA’s, SEPs, Solo 401ks, Profit Sharing.

Tax Resolution Services

If you have an IRS letter or state tax notices it is more likely than not that the issue can be solved long before tax court or collection action. Our CPA’s have strong tax backgrounds inside and out of IRS and, like a tax lawyer, can represent you all the way up to tax court if needed.  We have potent tools, know the resolution processes, and can speak the language necessary to present your information together with regulatory defenses that will save you tax, penalties, and interest. 

Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Shipping or selling into several states?

Landmark court ruling South Dakota v. Wayfair changed the sales tax game in late 2018.  Many states can now pursue you even though you do not have a physical presence in their states based on your sales volume into their state.  We can help you determine your exposure and assist with compliance and reporting.


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