Powerpetsitter rolls out a new interface with new Quickbooks online - change can be a good thing.

You love powerpetsitter but you are not really sure how it integrates with quickbooks online (which you and your bookkeeper may hate right now).  Additionally, you are still not really sure how the new versions of either is going to affect the accuracy of your receivable accounts in quickbooks

IMPORTANT:  The old and the new interface between PPS and QBO is a ONE WAY STREET.  PPS pushes data and updates to QBO and not the other way around.

Problem with the old interface BEFORE THE NEW PPS INTEGRATION: The AddInvoiceFailed or the Failed: Error that has been popping up in the QBTrans tab; it means that there is a problem.  The problem with the old interface between the two programs was that Powerpetsitter was trying to delete invoices in quickbooks online to make changes every-time an invoice or appointment was changed.  Unfortunately, if any deposit had already been linked to that invoice in Quickbooks online, QBO would not allow the invoice to be deleted.  

Essentially, unless each "QB trans" error was addressed by the pet sitter co. or their bookkeeper, the old PPS to QBO interface was creating differences in credit, discounts, and invoice totals, between the two services every-time you hit the save button if there was a deposit attached to the invoice in quickbooks.

Solution for the problems caused by the old interface: Powerpetsitter has addressed the problem above with a new interface that should correct the issue after you migrate your petsitting company with PPS staff.  However, you are likely going to have to clean up the QB transactions in PPS in order to rely on the customer account balances in QBO.  This means matching what PPS thinks is a credit balance with what is showing up in QBO for each invoice that there is an error showing up in the QB trans tab.  

Thankfully, with the NEW interface, Quickbooks invoices CAN be adjusted by PPS, and the credit amounts CAN be pushed from PPS to QBO.  However, if you manually adjust a credit balance in PPS you will have to manually adjust it in QBO as well.   Here is a link to the email that PPS sent out that explains this aspect of the migration. 

Side note, with one of our clients, if discounts were applied to non-discountable services in PPS, than the discount was not being pushed through to QBO.  A solution to that is to make all of your services "discountable" in Powerpetsitter so that if and when you discount the services in PPS, the discount will also be pushed to Quickbooks online.