Short lived tech service sales tax repealed; politicians congratulate themselves

After the Massachusetts Senate voted unanimously on Friday to repeal the vague and overreaching sales tax on technology services; politicians wasted no time saying that they made good on their promise to revisit the issue after our businesses suffered 9 months of lost time trying to understand the tax and subsequently fighting to get it repealed.   

OK, so thanks for repealing it.  Next time can we try to avoid implementing "trial laws" that force businesses to start spending time and money to comply with them while they are  trying to compete internationally?   Might this lost time be considered a consequence of a broad brush used to write and hastily accept new laws that burden our businesses with more paperwork and their competitors with a 6.25% price advantage?

Thank you members of the community for taking the time to unwind the mess by calling your representatives.

Thank you for making it easy for the public get appropriate and useful contact information.  

Thank you Spark Coalition, the IncommN group leadership, and Scott Foster for taking the time to facilitate the democratic process.  


According to Boston magazine MAsenatorTMurray said “We made a promise to revisit this measure if the sales tax on software services proved to be broader than intended. Today, we kept that promise. Through ongoing conversations with industry experts, it became clear that this sales tax was having an unanticipated negative effect on our technology industry and I am proud of the Senate for taking action,”.


Lyle PhippsComment