Mobile apps and SaaS tools that help you be paperless.

Here are a few good apps that you can use for your business record keeping and organization:

1.  Milebug - Avail for Android, iOS, and windows phones.

Replaces your pen and paper mileage log with GPS data and gives you the most solid proof out there for your mileage deduction.  If you drive a lot for your small business than this deduction can get very large on your tax return so you want to make sure that you nail that number down so that the IRS cant pick it up and tear it in half on you.  With this app, you can just export to excel and have your own copy of the records as well (important in case these apps ever go out of business).  

2.  Shoeboxed - Avail for Android, iOS, and windows phones.

You can use this app to snap pictures of your cash receipts or all receipts and email them to shoeboxed where they will turn them into an expense report for you.  If you are trying to catch up and have a lot of paper you can sign up for a business account and send in up to 500 paper receipts per month for $50 and they will do the scanning for you. It is not cheap but records are indespensible in the event of an audit and if you are using cash a lot you are going to need your receipts. 

3.  Expensify - Avail for Android, iOS, windows, and even Blackberry!

Links your bank accounts with your receipts to generate expense reports.  Free for businesses with one or two owner employees, and good for keeping track of cash expenses.   If you are paying with cash, expensify can save you some data entry time by pull the details from the receipts. 


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