Notice regarding “Corporate Record Service” and “Compliance Services” Solicitation.

Shred it.

There are some companies out there called “Corporate Record Service” and “Compliance Services” who are mailing solicitations titled either “Annual Minutes Requirement Statement Directors and Shareholders” or “Annual Records Solicitation Form” to corporations in Massachusetts and other states. These solicitations offer to complete corporate meeting minutes on behalf of the corporation for a fee.  Despite the implications contained in the solicitation, corporations are not required by law to file corporate minutes with the Secretary of State in Massachusetts or other states.

We are not saying it is a SCAM because we will leave that up to the lawyers. But we find the practice upsetting and the words, SCAM, FAKE, UNSCRUPULOUS, UNETHICAL, EXPLOITATION, readily come to mind and we do not advocate giving them any of your corporation's hard earned money.

Do NOT throw away mailings from Internal Revenue Service, Secretary of State, Department of Revenue (or taxation), Department of Labor and/or Workforce Development. Any requests from these agencies will bear the seal and the clear name.  Google them just to be safe or send them to us and we will advise.  

Happy Holidays!