Shake app delivers signable contracts on your iphone

You know by now that you need legal documents for agreements between yourself and your clients (and between yourself and your corporation).  Now you can make them with an iphone app.  Why didn't you think of that?

Founded by Abe Geiger and is backed by an A-team Board including super lawyer Jared Grusd (General Counsel for Spotify) and boss player John Steinberg (founder of Buzzfeed).  Shake is an iPhone app that allows you to draw them up with terms and sign on the spot.  It is like legal zoom with a new UX  and UI that adds legal substance to your honest, trusting hand shake in a world full of crookeds.  

Example: You, and with your brilliant startup brainchild, are at a party in Boston full of rich investors who could fund your venture or know 'someone else' who can make your idea happen without you.   You find a less hawkish looking one with that honest spirit in his/her eye and you want to spill the beans.  You do it, but you do it diligently by pulling out your sexy new iphone 5c with the Shake Non-Disclosure Agreement and after several practiced clicks you ask them to swipe a finger and let them know your idea is worth keeping on the hush.  



Lyle PhippsComment